What is CFDs trading?

CFD stands for a contract for difference. It is a popular way of trading financial instruments.

What are CFDs?

CFD are a great way of investing online since there is no need to own a certain asset, instead you will speculate on the price of this asset. It is different from the traditional way of investments, CFD will allow you to open positions when the prices are falling also. CFD trading allows traders to have access in a wider market in one single trading environment.

Leverage Concept

Leverage is a powerful tool to make your trading experience really profitable. It will raise your chances to make more profits out of your investment. It grows your buying power by growing your available capital first. Sometimes it is considered as borrowing funds from us and using them for your purpose. There is no physical money borrowed, you borrow their power.

24shares provides CFDs in more than 500 trading assets, including Forex pairs, metals, energy commodities, agriculture, shares indices and cryptocurrencies. You can start as low as $250 as a first investment and you can open positions as low as $20 per position.

What assets can you trade with CFDs?

Trade more than 500 trading assets on our trading platforms.


CFD asset


CFD asset


CFD asset


CFD asset


CFD asset

Find out how CFDs will boost your profits

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